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Annual Report 2020-21

Annual Report 2021-22



The company Alchaw Metprint is one of the leading pioneers in the Aluminium extrusion industry in India. The company's prime motive is in Metal decoration and in building great quality aluminium-based products. The company is in business since 1998 under the name of Perfect Industries. In the year 2005, the company got a new name Raj Print and Pack after which we had a spectacular development by serving customers catering to Liquor, Pharma and, FMCG companies.



Later in 2014 the company maintaining its focus on its primary business of metal decoration and printing, it expanded and became Alchaw Metprint India Ltd in Sangamner - Maharashtra, India. The core values of our company are "Presenting the customers with the finest products at a great reasonable price". Our vision is crystal clear to be the master in the metal decoration industry by enhancing value-added services in the metal decoration and printing industry.


By developing value-added services in the metal decoration and printing industries, we have become the master in the metal decoration business.


To provide clients in both the domestic and worldwide markets with what they require at a price that reflects the value to them, and to provide it in a way that exceeds their expectations. Our objective is to create a high-quality product, ensure customer pleasure, and establish long-term relationships.

Volume - Every year, 20 million sheets are made, about 2500 MetricTons of aluminum is printed from coil form.


High grade printed metal outcomes at reasonable prices.

Alchaw Metprint has adapted various advancements over time, as we believe in staying up to the mark to provide our clients with the best products and services. We have maintained our quality of production with our technologically advanced automated machinery. Our high-end feeding machines, heavyweight lifts and automated unloading equipment speeds up our production process and allows us to cater for our client needs.


Our production unit is well equipped and well built, our roofing ventilation and air- condition halls are highly suited for our metal extrusion industry. This ventilation feature and POP roofs is one of a kind and is not commonly used by many industries.

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